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Dubai International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Exhibition 2018


exhibition criteria

 1. Auto parts and devices: drive parts, chassis, body, car battery, internal devices and components, automotive power and electronic control systems; parts and modified cars: vehicle parts, special equipment, modified cars, performance test systems, design improvements, racing parts;

   3. Maintenance: vehicle service and maintenance equipment, vehicle body maintenance, car body painting, garage construction and management;

   4. Car service station and cleaning station: car service, maintenance and cleaning equipment.

Exhibition introduction

The Frankfurt Auto Show is the largest and most effective professional auto parts exhibition in the Middle East. It is one of the world's largest auto parts and accessories series AUTOMECHANIKA global tour exhibition. Each exhibition attracts a large number of auto parts manufacturers from all over the world. Exhibitors and buyers in the Middle East.

Attractive: The show attracts thousands of dealers from the Middle East and around the world, and the organizers of the show are among the world's top companies engaged in global trade exhibitions. More than 100 trade shows have been held in 28 cities around the world, creating excellent conditions for the success of the exhibition.

High degree of internationalization: Exhibitors and visitors from all countries and regions in the world come to the exhibition to conduct business negotiations and sign contracts through AutomechanikaDubai. At the last exhibition, a total of 1,882 exhibitors from 59 countries and regions came to the exhibition, with a total audience of 30,800 people from 130 countries and regions. Exhibitors have a good evaluation of the exhibition after the exhibition.

Innovative: The show represents the latest industry trends. All relevant new products and concepts are presented here – exhibits cover all elements of the entire automotive industry: from the latest designs of international automakers to auto parts, accessories and repair equipment.

Market analysis

The United Arab Emirates is located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, in the Persian Gulf in the north, with a coastline of 734 km. It borders Qatar in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and south, and Oman in the east and northeast. Currently, the UAE has trade relations with 179 countries and regions. Foreign trade occupies an important position in the economy. At present, the UAE has not established its own automobile industry, and its automobile consumption comes from imports. In recent years, the consumer market of UAE auto parts has reached 11 billion US dollars, and auto parts have always been one of the 10 largest re-export commodities in Dubai in the Middle East business center. In the UAE, the annual growth rate of cars is maintained at 9.6%, and the volume of re-exports of Dubai auto parts is growing at a rate of 20% per year.

In the past two years, the cost of equipment and construction of gas stations has exceeded $2 billion. Extremely low fuel costs, high incomes and a 6% annual population growth rate are important reasons for the rapid growth in demand for auto parts. Chinese goods are not all consumed by the UAE market. China's products are mainly based on their price advantage. Especially in the fields of textile and auto parts, Chinese goods can fully meet the quality requirements of the local market. In the case of roughly the same quality, mainland China products are very competitive with products from Japan, Korea or Taiwan.