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How auto parts companies will move to the automotive aftermarket


On December 6th, at the 2018 China (Yangzhou) Traditional Business and Trade Digital Innovation and Development Conference, Fan Xinke, founder and CEO of Autobot, delivered a speech on How Traditional Auto Parts Trading Enterprises Move to the Aftermarket. He pointed out that the car aftermarket has produced two things, a platform e-commerce called accessories, and the second is to have some brands. In fact, every time a channel change will produce a corresponding brand, the birth of a brand, any brand birth is inseparable from channel innovation.

It is reported that "2018 China (Yangzhou) Traditional Business and Trade Digital Innovation and Development Conference" is the theme of "Integration and Innovation, and the Yuanzhi Zhiyuan", guided by the Yangzhou Municipal People's Government and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Yangzhou City "Double-Creation Demonstration" Work Leading Group Office Hosted by the Yangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and under the leadership of Yibang Power, we will explore more diversified new business models around digital retail, smart commerce, digital socialization and digital services, and guide the digitalization of the traditional commerce industry.

The following is a speech record:

Fan Xinke: Hello everyone, what I did before was a difficult thing. I used to be the general manager of the Jingdong Open Platform. Later I went out to start a business. I did two companies before. This is my third company, making a car. Spare parts. When I was looking at the changes in the industry, I found out how an industry has risen. How will the next industry change and find the auto parts industry? We also looked at the share price chart of the four US listed companies. I spent 20 years to see the stock price. You used 20 years to see the stock chart of the same industry. When you put together different companies, you will find its stock price. The graph of the graph is the same, and if the graph is the same, it proves that its industry is breaking out. Let's check the beginning of the industry outbreak. The United States began to erupt in around 2000. It has risen from about 8 dollars to 800 dollars now. It is really an industry value investment.

The automobile industry has been in production for a long time. Why was it rising in 2000? Because the automotive industry is a century-old industry, why is that year? I checked a few data from the United States that year. First, the number of cars in that year has exceeded 200 million. You will find that China has more than 200 million vehicles this year. It is also a hurdle. Second, the US economy was not very good that year, the economy was declining, the Chinese economy was also adjusting, and many historical coincidences overlapped. Therefore, the industry will certainly have a relatively large opportunity in the future, so it has made auto parts. This company.